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(New York, July 31, 2017)  Liberia's Permanent Representative to the United Nations His Excellency Lewis Garseedah Brown, II has called on Liberians in the Diaspora to invest meaningfully in the future they envisage for the country.

Delivering the keynote address at programs marking the celebration of Liberia's 170th Independence in Staten Island, New York, Ambassador Brown said it is the  duty of every Liberian to affect the Country's future positively " The truth is that we hold it within us to affect the future – to make it better than the past or the present. And because we are a nation, the coming together of people of diverse persuasions and experiences – because we belong to and share in the geographic space called Liberia – each of us make up the “we” that share in the possibility to make Liberia’s future better. So the question is after 170 years, what future do you seek for Liberia? And how much are you ready to invest in realizing that future?"

Speaking on the theme: 'Reconciliation and sustainable democracy: Liberia’s future', the Liberian envoy observed that no human accomplishment rolls in on the wheels of inevitability; and stressed that peace, reconciliation and democracy must be accompanied into reality by honest, deliberate and diligent efforts. "It is never enough that we will merely seek peace, progress, reconciliation, democracy, or for that matter, a better future for our country. We must invest as meaningfully as we can, and never stop working to sustain our investments".

According to a dispatch from Liberia's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Ambassador Brown encouraged Liberians abroad to invest in the country not only with their laptops, cell phones and remittances, but also with their hearts and hands; contributing to every sector especially those in dire needs such as health and education.

He acknowledged that it may be difficult for Liberians to leave the assured economic security  and 'comfortable' lifestyle in America for service in Liberia but reminded them that sacrifices had to be made to get the United States to the state of modernity and systems being enjoyed today. "The skyscrapers and overhanging bridges, the modernity and systems you are experiencing today did not always exist here! You see, America came to be what it now is by the continued investments and sacrifices of others, long before today, with their hearts and their hands. Theirs is the toiling tale of commitment and an evolving culture of continuous development passed from one generation to the next to make the future better."

The Liberian Diplomat said despite the challenges, Liberia is a place alit with promise and hope – "the hope that we can be reconciled with each other and with our country; the hope that we can be a democratic society living under the rule of law, and in peace with each other and with our neighbors; the hope that our society can be just, equitable, protective of rights and freedoms, and tolerant of differences; and the hope that notwithstanding all that we have achieved, we can still do more".

Also speaking, the President of the Staten Island Liberian Community Association (SILCA) Abraham Chea Tucker called on Liberians to use the 170th Independence celebration to unite to sustain the peace and foster growth and democracy  in their communities and Liberia for the common good of all.

A dance performance by Liberian kids climaxed the celebration attended by scores of Liberians from across Staten Island and other parts of the United States.