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Thank you, Mr. President.

Let me begin by extending congratulations to you on your election as President of the Executive Board. We also congratulate Ms. Catherine Russell on her appointment as Executive Director of UNICEF. You can be assured of Liberia’s constructive engagement and support.

Excellencies, colleagues,

Liberia appreciates that UNICEF continues to advocate for the well-being of children; amidst the continuing global health crisis and environmental and socio-economic disruptions. 

UNICEF’s work to address the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on children—both direct and indirect is very essential and appreciated. In Liberia, like many other countries, children still struggle with the psychological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we have resumed in-person learning in Liberia, millions of children across Africa and other parts of the world continue to be affected by school closure, exposing them to different forms of exploitation and violence. The pandemic continues to expose existing inequalities, and in some cases, worsen them.  

While we address the challenges of COVID-19, other challenges such as child trafficking still persist. In January, the Government of Liberia saved  twenty two kids who were being trafficked from rural Liberia. The kids were provided psychosocial support and reunited with their families. The trafficker was arrested, tried, and convicted.

As we strive to address the COVID-pandemic, it is critical to take advantage of the opportunity to build back better in an inclusive manner. The legal framework and policies are available nationally, regionally, and internationally. We, (Governments , the UN System and other stakeholders), have to commit to enforcing and implementing them. We have to invest more in health, including mental health, education, and social protection for children everywhere, especially those in vulnerable situations.

Mr. President ,

Excellencies ,

We applaud UNICEF’s leadership role in the COVAX facility, and partnership with the African Union and the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT) to scale up and enhance the procurement and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to African States.  We acknowledge the challenges surrounding the delivery of the vaccines and their administration. We join calls for a more predictable and reliable supply of vaccines, enabling countries to properly plan transportation, storage, and conduct of vaccination campaigns. We are glad that COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer) have been approved for children. We are hopeful that more children in Africa can have access to the vaccines this year.

Liberia is also grateful for UNICEF’s interest and research on climate change and its impact on children. We welcome the introduction of the  Children’s Climate Risk Index,  the  first comprehensive analysis of climate risk from a child’s perspective.  It is concerning that young people living in several parts of Africa are at high risk of the  impacts of climate change, threatening their health, education, and protection, and exposing them to deadly diseases.

It is worth noting that more and more young people are becoming campaigners for the climate. That’s why we support the urgent need to include young people in  national, regional, and international climate related decision making.  Protecting children and young people from the impacts of climate change, is in essence, saving the future.

Thank you for your kind attention.