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Thank you, Honorable Chair. 

On behalf of my delegation, I wish to thank the organizers for this timely and well-intentioned meeting. I pay respect to all the previous speakers for their insightful contribution, including that of the Secretary-General.

I believe the concept on which today’s meeting is premised will long remain a preoccupation for us all until our desired goal is achieved. We are aware that prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, peacebuilding needs were already being underfunded; and the repercussions of COVID-19 have further exacerbated the challenges; thus, demanding us to accelerate our efforts in this regard. 

Therefore, we agree that financing the processes of conflict prevention and sustaining peace, would demand more than innovative thinking – it will require our commitment to galvanize adequate and predictable funding, and resources essential to peacebuilding initiatives as well as the necessity to forge strategic partnerships. With our resolve, this is possible.

Liberia is a practical example of the importance of the peacebuilding fund. In Liberia, the PBC provided critical advice to the Security Council and assisted in mobilizing international support and the appropriate resources for our peacebuilding priorities at every stage of our transition. Since then, the PBC has become the platform to discuss the UN country team's capacities to support peacebuilding priorities in Liberia after the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) drawdown - thus contributing to the creation of the Liberia Multi-Partner Trust Fund to help support the transition. It has also supported more actively the engagement of women and youth in national efforts to build and sustain peace and has advocated the meaningful participation of women and youth in peacebuilding efforts during transitions.

In recent years, the Peacebuilding Fund has approved US$25 million for Liberia in support of our peacebuilding priorities, including supporting the development of the second phase of the Liberia National Action Plan on women, Peace, and Security in 2019. The PBF also approved the second phase of cross-border cooperation with Cote d’Ivoire focusing on social cohesion and security across and around the border. And with the recent development in that area, this may prove extremely critical. 

The invaluable support mentioned has significantly contributed to the hard-earned Peace, Security, and Democracy in Liberia; and the promotion of the necessary conditions; geared towards transforming Liberia and the Liberian People – and for this, we are incredibly grateful to the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission; the Peacebuilding Fund and to all our Partners. 

We also want to acknowledge and thank the kingdom of Netherlands for its overall support to the Peacebuilding Fund, with specific reference for advocating the integration of the mental health and psychosocial support in peacebuilding needs –a critical concern for Liberia. 

To this end, we are grateful for the leadership of Sweden, Chair of Liberia Configuration of the Peacebuilding Commission; which continues to engage with relevant stakeholders including the PBF to ensure that peacebuilding priorities needs in Liberia are adequately supported.


In closing, Mr. Chair, let me reiterate Liberia’s commitment to the advancement of peacebuilding process, and to endeavors aimed at ensuring adequate and appropriate financing for peacebuilding priorities globally.

 I thank you!